Life Changing Notes – 100 Ways to Get Motivated Part 1

I have been reading 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler – which is a book packed full of practical and effective advice on how to really change your life by implementing different ways of thinking and simply doing things differently; it truly is a joy to read. When I read chapters of this book every day, I tend to write notes of anything that stands out, that really motivates me and makes me realise something I haven’t realised before. By doing this I write down what I really want the change to be in the future, in myself and in the work I do.

So, to share the knowledge I have acquired, here are some quotes from Steve Chandler and other successful people, that I hope can affect you the way they did for me, because when you are willing to change your mind set, you are in store for tremendous change.

Firstly an exercise that Steve recommended to do, to improve your overall gratitude but to also realise how you could be wasting so much time on the wrong things, and how time can grab you tightly and take away your power.

“Imagine yourself on your deathbed – the people you love visiting you, one by one – imagine speaking to them out loud, saying what you intend to say”

These ones I really love:
“Create a vision of who you want to be and live in it as if it were already true”

“Fake it until to make it”

“Focus on the game, block out distractions”

“The harder you are on you, the easier life is on you”

“Instead of watching TV, READ – Expand your mind”

“Life is either creating or responding”

“The best secret in the world is that on the other side of fear is safe and beneficial”

“Fear and pain should be treated as signals not to close our eyes but to open them wider” – Nathaniel Branden

“Fear of doing something can only be fully cured by doing it”

“If you are ever in an unmotivated mood, find something to do that you fear and do it – see what happens after”

“Thinking with out minds than feelings will make us more resourceful and prevent you from being upside down”

“Don’t mix feelings with thoughts”

“When we are listed to, it creates us, makes us, unfolds and expands ideas, that actually begin to grow within us and come to life” – Brenda Veland.

“We all have will power, we have the power to take charge, develop and be strong”

“Doing something is what leads to doing something”

“Make up little rituals that will act as a self starter to motivate you. You will be in action before you feel like doing it”

“Be an artist of whatever you do, even if you are a streetsweeper, be the michelangelo of street sweeping”- Martin Luther King JR

“Come from happiness, not in it” – Werner Erhard

I leave you with these quotes in hope they inspire you.

2 thoughts on “Life Changing Notes – 100 Ways to Get Motivated Part 1

  • March 2, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    Sounds like a book i’d personally like to read! Loving the color scheme of your website, seems like you are growing fast. Keep that keyboard on fire!

    • March 2, 2017 at 11:27 pm

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you for your nice comment. Its an amazing book that I really enjoyed – part 2 is coming out soon! I would defiantly recommend the book.

      Yes Iv been quite surpised with the views iv been getting, particulary today. Im looking foward to producing more content soon!


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