How to Sleep Deeply and Wake Up Feeling Rested

These days people are prone to not gaining good quality sleep due to a number of issues, but the main one I have found, is technology and electronic devices. When people constantly stare at their screens, they emit light that prevents them from falling asleep; which is not good for your sleeping patterns or sleep quality. Here are some ways you can begin to change your routine and sleep deeply, waking up feeling rested.

Reduce Electronic Light/Screen Exposure

Whether it’s a tablet, laptop, phone or anything else with a screen, don’t look at it at least one hour before you actually go to bed. By doing this you will feel sleepy naturally and ultimately fall asleep. You may feel that you are struggling to sleep if you usually sleep with your phone, but try it out and don’t give in. You will slowly have a more routine sleep pattern.

Wear the Right Clothing

Believe it or not, clothing makes a big difference to how fast you sleep and how well you sleep. This is because your body temperature will change during you sleep, and if you are too cold or too hot, your sleep will be disrupted. If you get hot too quickly during the night, strip down a little to cotton thin clothes. If you get too cold, wear a jumper before bed or wear socks. Its all about getting yourself comfy and have undisturbed sleep.

Just Sleep Earlier

If you are used to sleeping late, like 1:00am afterwards late, then maybe its worth trying to sleep earlier. It may be weird and difficult, but working through it and eventually get to sleep is healthier than sleeping way later and stressing your body and mind out. If you sleep at 1am, try sleeping at 12am instead and see what happens and how you feel in the morning – you may be surprised. This will also help you get into a better sleep routine and eventually smooth out your pattern to how it needs to be.

Cut of Eating Time

If you sleep after 9pm like me, then you want to stop eating after that point and have an empty stomach. Its not a nice feeling to go sleep on a full stomach after having eaten a box of pizza, it feels rather unhealthy! Of course there is no harm in this every so often, but generally you want to avoid this and develop a cut of time for eating. If you do, eat something light and soothing, you could even top it off with drinking a cup of herbal tea – like ginger tea, that is great for digestion.

Drink some Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is most convenient for before you go to sleep, because many herbal teas are aimed at relaxing, calming and making you feel sleepy, which is helpful because you probably will sleep deeply if you drink a nice warm herbal tea before bed however I would advice to drink this one hour before, as you will inevitably need to pee, and you will have time to before you get to bed and realise you do! There are many teas for sleep, such as valerian, passion flower, chamomile, ginger tea and many others.

Night Reading

Reading for me, is a is multiple times daily thing, however reading before sleep is the best because it gets you into another world and takes you away from the stresses of your day. You can kick back and read until your eyes feel heavy and your body feels still, then you know it’s time for sleep. Reading helps your mind relax and thoughts cease for the day, allowing you to sleep peacefully. I recommended reading fiction that you enjoy but will be able to dose off to. Know that you are also exercising your brain when you read, so it’s a double benefit.

By following one or more tips to your lifestyle, you will be able to sleep deeply and wake up feeling restful. You will eventually rebuild a solid and healthy sleeping pattern that works for you and gets you in the zone you need to be everyday.