How to Stay Motivated and Use Your Time Wisely

We all have difficulties with staying motivated sometimes, and can find it hard to fit tasks into our day, however we can improve and change this by changing the way you do things every day and implementing practical ideas. With so many distractions these days, people can get caught up in unimportant things that are not developing our beings or evolving us to higher levels of consciousness. When it comes to motivation, we need it all day to get our tasks done and feel like we have achieved something.

Develop a Ritual

Before you start a task, take your favourite herbal tea, coffee or supplement, to get into the mind-set of only focusing on that given project. With developing a ritual, you will be able to successfully complete the task and whenever you follow the ritual, you will be ready to go. You could even do some light exercise or meditation before you do the task, to get you in the right head space.

Choose by Priority

Choose at least three main tasks that have to be completed on that day no matter what, write them down on a piece of paper or on your phone’s notes; whatever works for you, just write it down and stick to it. When you choose the tasks that are important you narrow the tasks to just what you need to actually do. After, you can do the less important tasks and reward yourself. If you fail to get some tasks done, add them to tomorrow’s list and don’t stress yourself, as you can’t get everything done.

Eliminate Distractions

If you know that you will be distracted by your constant message feeds on your phone or any other device, turn your Wi-Fi off or move the phone away, where you won’t be tempted to access it. There are so many distractions these days that can completely cause us to cease all of our important tasks and what we actually need to do. Anything that you know is a distraction to you, remove it and deal with for at least the period of time you need to complete that tasks; then reward yourself by accessing your distractions.

Become a Creator

It’s easy for many of us to constantly consume information but creating is much more rewarding and beneficial to our long term development and mind set. We will be able to train ourselves to create, rather than to tedious tasks that waste our time when we could be doing something essential to our future and goals. So, instead of sitting in front of the TV, grab a book that sounds interesting to you and read – see what happens. If you reflect on your days prior and see that you react more than create, maybe its time to change that and create some solid changes for your goals.

By implementing these tips you can develop your ability to increase your motivation level and ultimately create your reality.