How to Slow Your Life Down & The Benefits

We all live in a fast paced world where it is tempting to run around aimlessly, forgetting to breathe deeply and removing ourselves from reality. We are not present, we rush most things, and we are impatient and can’t listen to others problems. Our minds get overpowered with an abundance of thoughts that we become distorted and indecisive. When we slow down, our mind and body does too, they start working in harmony, providing your clarify and appreciation for everything around you.


Carry Zero Expectations

One of the ways to slow down, is to realise that you don’t know what the future has in store, nor do you know how most things in our life’s are going to pan out. Most of the time it’s a case of being present and expecting nothing – allowing yourself to be open to all the outcome possibilities that could arise from that circumstance. When you narrow your expectations, you open your mind and can deal with consequences and realisations more calmly and effectively.

Practice Breathing Deeply

We have all heard people telling us to breathe deep, however it is something we forget or just don’t care to do, but the damage it can do to our health can be obvious and alarming, as your breathing is shallow and ultimately cuts of enough oxygen going to your brain. When you breathe deep, your body and mind calm down in synergy – you begin to feel connected with yourself and one. Of course, if you are new to deep breathing throughout the day, you may not notice or have a lot of hope of feeling different, however you need to aware that your breathing is changing and it will take time to adjust, like many other things. The general rule is: breathe deeply through your nose, into your bellow, hold for five seconds, exhale through mouth.

Tune Into Your Senses

We all struggle to notice our surroundings when we are not in the present moment and constantly in our minds, or we are rushing around, stressed and anxious. If we make the effort to be present to our surroundings and our body, we will remove our attention from the thoughts we have, to the sensations and feelings we experience.


Effortless Actions

The amazing benefit of slowing down is that literally everything you do becomes fun, enjoyable and effortless. You feel as though you could continue doing a task for however long you want and it would not bore you. It makes diving into the next task extremely pleasant and rewarding. At the same time you feel connected with yourself and people, you want to be social and connect with everything around you. You get into the flow of life and the tasks you are doing.

Thought Visibility

Through deep breathing, present mindfulness and slowing down you are able to see what thoughts are bothering you and what you need to do to change them or remove them. The thoughts that are most invasive to you will be easier to deal with and relieve. Negative thoughts that nag you can be controlled more by yourself, you can choose to pay attention or simply remove to the back of your mind.

It is fair to say that slowing down, leads to present moment awareness and a enhanced openness to everything and everyone around us. We can improve our focus, improve relationships and move on quicker from the situations that may distress us all.

“In the attitude of silence, the soul finds the path in a clearer light and what is elusive and deceptive clears” – Mahatma Gandhi