6 Great Benefits of Kratom That Could Potentially Change YOUR Life

Kratom is a powerful substance that has done great good in my life, so I would like to share with you several benefits of using kratom. If you don’t know what Kratom actually is and you want to know the in and outs please visit http://www.sagewisdom.org/kratomguide.html

 1 #Pain Killer : Kratom is a pain killer, it can ease pain and eradicate pain too. Whether it is back pain, leg pain, headaches and can even help woman when it comes to that time of the month! The best thing about using Kratom for pain is because although it eases the pain it also keeps you stacked with enough energy to function well throughout the day and feel great at the same time.

 2 #Stimulant : Kratom is part of the same family as Coffee, thus why is has stimulating effects on the body, like coffee. It provides you with energy both psychically and mentally (Improved focus) .Kratom can also be taken with Coffee to provide you with a great rush of positive stimulation to get you through your day, however the down fall is , you will need to fill yourself up with water to stay hydrated.  As both of these combined will dehydrate you. I recommend drinking water throughout the day (at least 4 glasses of water) drinking the water in between will potentiate the effects too. So if you’re low on energy, take some Kratom (Especially the greens/whites!) and you will be filled with energy.

3 #Laxative : Kratom can provide a human being with a great feel of relaxation running through their body. As kratom kicks in (Especially slow red strains) you begin to feel amazingly relaxed, with your heartrate at a calming beat and your muscles relaxed fully. Kratom also calms your brain down if you suffer from ‘overthinking’ or ‘excessive thoughts’.  This can really help people with anxiety and other mental disorders. One of the things I’ve noticed from kratom is that it makes you feel nice and warm and its quite noticeable as you can feel it in your hands especially and it gradually runs down to the rest of your body.  As kratom has this effect on the body , it will be much easier for you to sleep at night, say if you find it hard to sleep or have insomnia.

 4 #Anti anxiety : One of the great things about kratom is that it can calm you down, make you feel social, increase your confidence levels  and still make you feel stable and secure in terms energy. It doesn’t make you feel shaky or groggy, it helps combat anxiety by relaxing you and making you feel like speaking to people, this meaning you will be more than likely to speak to more people than usual under the influence of kratom. It is also great for when you are going out and need some social energy or if you have to attend a meeting that you’re not looking forward too.

 5 #Increased productivity level : Another great benefit of Kratom is that it helps you to increase productivity levels which enables you to work more efficiently if you work long hours and need something to keep you going; it defiantly will. It also helps you get in tune with what’s around you and lets you get into the flow of things. It also helps with providing you with more focus and concentration so distraction is out of the water when on Kratom, oh and so is time. Time flies because you’re having fun.

 6 #: Increased sense of wellbeing: If you’re like me, not a morning person then you will gain great benefit from Kratom. Sometimes I can feel extremely moody in the mornings and I just won’t speak to anyone and if I do I’m really blunt! Kratom increases your mood level by touching the receptors in your brain responsible for mood. So you will hopefully feel confident and ready to start your day. It is also great because you feel good and feel patient so nothing really bothers you when on Kratom.

I would recommend Kratom to anyone who feels like they need to change their life and convert their life into positivity.