How To Be Assertive & Become More Confident

When it comes to being assertive, it is not just needed in a working environment but also in everyday life, whether dealing with the booking of personal appointments, communicating with family, friends and general decision making. Being assertive is essential for living and for your own development.

Know your own needs and make them clear to other people without.

Being aware of your own needs is essential, if you know what you need for your own comfort and organization then go with that. If you need to go to the toilet during a meeting, GO, don’t sit there uncomfortably. If you need to tell your manager that you need to book your holidays, do it and do it in confidence. People can take advantage of you and destroy your own needs because you haven’t expressed your own. Express how you feel and how your needs are going to be met.

Don’t Be Afraid To Express Your True Self

Many of us can feel reserved and therefore restrict ourselves from the world around us. We may hold back on saying something to someone that has been banging in our head’s for hours and you still can’t express yourself. Learn to briefly analyze whats on your mind and then to be decisive in your decision to express your thoughts and feelings. Doing this is what will really build your confidence and able you to be more assertive by expressing your truest self. Open up and let others know whats on your mind, you want to and you know it but your mind tends to attach negative associates to the thought/feeling thus leaving you in confusion and worry.

Know Your Priorities

Write down everything you need to do, everything you want to do, everything you wish to do in the future and prioritize and just get on with it! If you know what you need to do you instantly feel in power and assertive. You know that you’re doing what you set out to do and that you have accomplished your task/goal or have started it and are making progress.

Although helping others with their tasks is a nice gesture, realize that if you are excessively doing this and getting nothing done, then there’s something wrong. Start by telling that lazy person that you are unable to help them and once that’s off your chest move onto your actual motives and drive yourself to achievement.

If you know something is important to you and you need to get it done, let that be your main task and nothing else. Put your priorities to the top and get the rest of the unimportant tasks done after.

Be Honest and Direct

Honestly causes less problems and worries, if you initially are honest you know that what you have said to someone is the truth and only the truth! nothing more nothing less, it is what it is. Be direct with people by focusing on the facts, if you can do that you will know what to say and how to respond to people.  Dishonestly just leads to problems are can cause conflict. It may be hard for you to express your honestly but its easier for you in the short term and long term than lying.

Get your honestly rolling into other people.

Be Clear in Your Voice Output

When speaking speak in a polite tone but speak clearly and if needs be, speak slowly, articulate yourself clearly and get whats on your mind out of your mind clearly. It causes less confusion and makes you feel assertive. It will save you having to repeat yourself and save time in unnecessary questions.

Get Your Posture Right

If you posture is bad and you know it, it could have a lot to with your lack of confidence and assertiveness. Its hard to get your words across if your posture looks lazy and insecure. Sit up straight, stand up straight. Get your back straight, neck straight and get everything where its supposed to be. Breathing deeply will be easier and overall improve your physical health. Body language, particularly posture can say a lot about someone, so straight up.