10 Ways To Increase Intelligence & Think Smarter

Intelligence for me is super important, for me it helps build my life and gets me to where I want to be. Because if you are equipped with the right amount of knowledge and advanced understanding of yourself and the world, well you are almost capable of doing anything new and challenging. Intelligence allows you to mould into this hectic world and hack life. Know what you want, know your body; know what you feel and how to deal with things more effectively. Anyone would want this. But the truth is, it requires effort to get to this heavenly place. Its takes time and patience. Using time and patience and also the tips that I am going to provide will hopefully enable you to work your hardest at everything and be smart, not only to show off, but for yourself and your future.

Expand your vocabulary using creative visualization

This is the most effective and fun way to learn new words. Because you are using your imagination to remember words and their definitions you are more easily able to retain the words and remember them long term. Just notice how the word sounds and what that word can be turned into picture wise, once you have figured that out, make the definition an image and combine your imagery into one to create a tiny story. You will be amazed at how fast you can learn new words, but don’t get carried away with too many words, start small and make your way up thoughtfully.  Start with one word per day and progress to 2 per day.


Read thought provoking and knowledge worthy articles, read random things but have an interest in it and most importantly read books. Fiction or nonfiction, read them and in the process of reading make notes, scribble, annotate go crazy comprehending and learning, retaining – it will feel good to know much more than you ever knew before. Gather input of words and even try to force your brain to imagine what is being read, imagination is powerful and if used for almost anything you will remember a lot that you have read and it will stick to you like gum.

Be aware

Learn to be more aware of your surroundings wherever you are, in a park, at work, at home. Look around you and sink in everything that you are seeing. Look up with a straight posture and explore the world around you. Interact with people and be aware of them.

Be objective

Be open minded, learn to be open minded, and learn to not judge incoming prospects. If something comes to you, go with the flow and give it a change. Be open to it and open to the experience. This can be hard because we don’t all like doing things that don’t interest us but what I have noticed is that when you dive into the unknown a lot of good can come out of it and you know a lot more for some reason. You feel like you have learned something and are becoming someone. It can take you to new opportunities. Practise makes progress.

Ditch what makes you feel bad

Many of us do things or take things that we know we shouldn’t or we know are not good for us, yet we still go on with it because it gives us some sort of pleasure. Imagine the pleasure of just being you and being natural, just doing life and not giving attention to these external self-destroyers. If you know it isn’t getting you anywhere, eradicate it.  This ties in with emotional intelligence and body awareness.

Interact with art

Start to use your creativity more, we all have it. It’s just a matter of revealing it and really showing yourself that you can think abstractly. You can doodle, draw something in front of you, paint, creative writing. Anything that involves your brain and imagination. Think weirdly if you have to.

Watch movies in different languages

Watch Bollywood movies, Chinese movies and any other language, watch them with subtitles to get the gist of the language used and what is being said. Watch all types of movies as well, actions, drama, comedy etc.  This will expand your mind and will also help you to build your learning pace for learning a new language quicker as you will already be familiar with the pronunciation.

Interact with people from different worlds

Talk to all kinds of people, in different professions, different backgrounds. Be diverse with your output. Use the words that you have learnt and put them in the sentences that you use. Show off what you learn. Be open to others, trust them and use your intuitive, listen to them, get where they are coming from and their story. Share with them what you know.  Tell them about you. Ask questions about their life.

Be curious and interested

If something comes towards you and you don’t know about it or you are unsure about something within it, research, look and explore. Ask loads of questions for your knowledge; feed your brain with information. If you come across something that you have no idea of, write it down and research it later and learn about it. Ask questions when you are unsure, question yourself to get more input of information.

Learn a new language

Try learning a completely new language – it can do wonders for your mind and if you go on holiday to different countries.  Just learning the basics and vocabulary words can really enhance and broaden your memory and also intelligence.

Implementing the above can take time and effort, but if you are consistent and make time for at least two of the above activities you will see that taking small baby steps is bringing you one step closer to intelligence.