Relieving Anxiety & Stress With Meditation

When we think about being calm and relaxed, we generally think of feeling comfortable in our own shoes and feel that we can pursue everyday life events in a manner where we are presenting ourselves confidently and calmly, with no anxiety or stress in our body circulating. I have dealt with anxiety and depression myself and i know it can be very hard to be social and go places forcefully not really being comfortable. As human beings we want to feel happy and calm, as though we are floating on a cloud with no such worry or care of the world. If we don’t feel this way on some level we are missing out on so much because of fear and anxiety taking over us. There are many ways we can implement calm and relaxed vibes, i am going to be stating the ways i have followed and used and the ways that have genuinely helped me with life and moving away from the negative stuff in life.


When i first heard of mediation i never really thought it would be something i would look into or try, but strangely enough i did, and it has done wonders to my life. It has improved my concentration, focus, clarity, thinking and it has DE – cluttered  my thoughts, especially the negative bullshit. Its a great way to really deflate anxiety and enable someone to improve their life. The concept of sitting down in a quiet place with your eyes closed and legs crossed seems to have proven positive and effective benefits to many people. To start of with it is best to chose a time of the day that is most beneficial for you and when you are able to get a bit of quiet time to yourself with no distractions, this way you are able to zone in to the world of meditation and your thoughts with no hesitation. Once you have set a time and found a place to meditate you now begin to chose the time duration of your mediation, as most of you reading this won’t have done this before then it is best to start with 5mins as this is a reasonable time scale to meditate and feel the full benefits of mediation. When meditating it is important to sit up straight and have your spine erect so that the energy is able to flow efficiently and fluidly. You may try meditating the first time and feel no effect, don’t be put off, your body is still in the process of getting used to this relaxation form and will need time to adapt just like many other things that need time and consistency to adapt.


1.Find a quiet place with no distractions

2. Make  yourself as comfortable as you can,  sit on a chair, sit on the floor or sit on your bed; whatever suites you.

3.Set a timer for 5mins so you know you are using the full 5mins to feel the benefits after the meditation.

4.Ensure your eyes are closed, your back is straight and your legs are crossed.

5.Thoughts will come and go..let these slowly float away.

6.You may feel as though your body is spinning, enjoy it..

7.Keep as still as you can throughout the practise

8.Try to focus on your breathing

9.Once the mediation is over, stretch your body and feel the energy and blood flow through your body.

Taking 5HTP – Supplement

Another way you can aid your anxiety and stress or depression is to invest into this amazing supplement named 5htp, this supplement can be bought as capsules that can be taken by mouth easily. Once the capsule is consumed 5htp will be converted into serotonin, which is actually already in our brains but what 5htp does is increase the level of serotonin we a receiving and therefore boots your mood. The serotonin then turns into melatonin which helps with putting you into a very deep, peaceful sleep. I have been using it for a while now i have experienced a full and restful sleep every night when i have taken it in the evening. Do your research on this before buying to ensure you have information and knowledge of this supplement before purchase or use. I have the 100mg capsules and they do absolute wonders for me, good sleep, positive mood, less stress, you may notice that they take time to fully work (2 weeks) be patient and your anxiety will disappear.

I would recommend taking these as a tool along with meditating, as although you may think the 5htp is the pure solution, you need to keep consistent with meditation as it is a natural form of relaxation that doesn’t require a pill. You are able to just do it! Also when looking for 5htp i would advice to pick up on that has the pure seeds.

Hopefully you will see gradual improvements in your life by using 5htp and also meditating. Taking the tablet everyday and meditating everyday should provide you will a peaceful and calm life in order for you to live happy without stress or anxiety.

Let me know what you think of these ways which i have shared and if they have helped you. They have helped me, i hope they also help you.