Actions to Start Doing NOW To Change Your Life

When it comes to assessing your life and noticing how you LIVE your life, you may find that you are not living your life fully or you are feel as though your life is not being lived by yourself the way you wish it would or desire it to be. Things can change, for sure but dedication and commitment are essentially required, further more motivation and a willingness to start implementing new habits into your everyday life, even for a short time, for example if you want to start reading books and you have never read a book properly before then just simply start off by reading for 5minutes, and if you get into the book carry on for another 5 minutes, then increase your time reading as the days go by until you get to a point where you are able to effortlessly pick up a book and just start damn reading! The same applies to any other habit really, start off with small, baby moving steps that are adjustable and reasonable, its not like you have to read for 1 hour straight for the first time you read, just sit and read for however long you can endure and stay consistent with the concept.

The list below has been created for you to choose whatever you would like to start doing to change your life, you don’t have to start doing all of them and to be honest I think many of them are a case of being patient and being willing to just try. Most of the things listed are based on using your ‘being’ to consciously change yourself. Some are materialistic, but I’m more into going with the natural courses of life and living by simplicity. Some of these things may not apply to you as you may already be doing them or maybe not but either way just pick one or two for starters and see how you go about applying some conscious effort to implement a new habit – one new habit could change an aspect of yourself that you never thought you could change. One positive change within yourself can lead to another force of change and another and so forth; so be courageous and go for it!

I understand that not all of these are agreeable and it is very much a case of preference and subjectivity, but try to approach objectivity. Not everyone is willing to turn off their TV let alone get rid of it entirely! But it can hugely improve your life from all angles.

Remember we are human, and things inevitably take time to become something – such as a flower, it is planted as a seed and after months of nourishment it finally turns into something. A plant is a powerful source of wisdom to learn from.

  • Read a variety of books
  • Drink loads of water
  • Deep breathe every so often
  • Go with the flow
  • Do the things you fear with courage
  • Be open to new experiences, people, and opinions/views.
  • Take things as they come
  • Do things in a slow pace
  • Don’t rush
  • Block out the time completely
  • Practise mediation every day for 5mins
  • Practise improving your handwriting
  • Think deeply before you actually speak
  • Question opinions and thoughts when speaking to people
  • Run up and down the stairs 10 times
  • Free write for 10mins
  • Practise visualisation enhancement
  • Walk more
  • Train yourself to adapt to different environments
  • Play online games every so often
  • Read random articles and blogs
  • Apply face cream every day
  • Use your instincts more
  • Repeat the things you want to remember
  • Memorise random numbers that you may need to remember
  • Learn about lucid dreaming and astral projecting
  • Learn HOW TO lucid dream and astral project
  • Look into herbal products to enhance areas of improvements, for example, deeper sleep, concentration, focus etc.
  • Take most opportunities as they hit you
  • Be spontaneous
  • Don’t worry about your dress sense too much
  • Don’t track your incoming parcels, wait for them to arrive naturally
  • Don’t hold back your thoughts
  • Speak your mind more honestly
  • Understand that everything takes times and patience
  • Speak slowly with ease
  • Learn to accept the things that you have no power over
  • Realise that you can’t change some people
  • Be more conscious of your surroundings
  • Make the effort to buy gifts for the people closest to you
  • Try photo editing using Photoshop
  • Do what you really feel
  • Know your limits
  • Help people out randomly
  • Don’t wait for people to motivate you
  • Look less in the mirror
  • Only eat how much you can hack
  • Get rid of your TV

I wish you all well and hope you have fun experimenting with these ways of change that I just happened to pluck from my mind and share with you all.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will truly FEEL change.