5 Impactful Articles on Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, there is the natural anxiety that is fairly normal to experience because its suitable to the situation, however there is another side of anxiety, that you could call severe anxiety or chronic anxiety that takes over someone ability to think, speak and even move properly – it is a disease that truly strips away at a person’s personality and can get progressively worse if not realised that there is a problem and to take the steps to feel less anxious all the time.

For me, when I experienced anxiety it was an everywhere, anytime kind of thing that got worse when there was more people and busy environments; I would get paranoid, sweat, get nausea, tensed and dizzy. It was not enjoyable and certainly went on for a long time before I made a plan to conquer my anxiety.  

One of the ways I made changes and faced my fears, was by using the internet to find people who experienced anxiety in the way I did or similar and then to learn from what they did to relieve their anxiety. There were a lot of different suggestions and ideas that really helped me, because anxiety is complicated problem for many suffers, you don’t always know where to start or if you are even going to reach a point of feeling anxiety free but know there is hope.

Here I share the best blog posts in my opinion that truly provide solid advice and information that you can apply to your life NOW to create effective changes.

10 Essentials For Overcoming Depression And Anxiety



I recently discovered this article and was mesmerised by the quality and profound content that this article shares, not only does it provide practical tips can you apply now but it covers areas of anxiety that really show particularly with chronic sufferers.  A highly recommended article!

Poor Diet, Lack of Sunshine and Spiritual Anemia — Three Potent Contributors to Depression and Anxiety



This post is all about what can cause anxiety and what you can do to start aiding your mind and body to ease anxiety and get you feeling confident and well! From poor diet to vitamin deficiency, this article provides you quality information that can truly benefit you!

12 Inspiring Ways My Anxiety Elevated My Life

-Tim Denning


If you want to discover how anxiety affects you in a positive way, check this article out. It covers how you grow stronger and realise different things as you ease out of anxiety and when you are in anxious states and situations. I personally found this very inspiring!

How To Feel 15% Better Every Day With L Dopa, Caffeine, 5 HTP And ZMA

-Will Freeman


Now this post is not directly related to anxiety but it explains how various supplements can aid our anxiety as sometimes our brain does not have enough serotonin or other related neurotransmitters that are reasonable to feeling good and a general good sense of wellbeing. This can provide insight on possible causes to make you feel better and less anxious.

Exposure Therapy Turns Off Fear Neurons to Treat Anxiety

-Rick Nauert PhD


This post focuses on a natural treatment method to relieve and slowly eradicate anxiety by exposing yourself to situations where anxiety arises. It is a different approach to other practices but is effective and recommended to any suffering from severe anxiety.


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