4 Benefits of Spending Less Time on Your Phone

These almost everyone owns a smartphone that provides access to the internet and social media applications, because of this most people will spend a lot of time on their phone during the day and they lose it every once in a while, fear sets in and they feel as though they can’t live without it.

These days I hardly use my phone, even though it has so many features and applications that I could easily download and spend hours on, I choose to spend my time wisely and I personally don’t like the idea of spending all my time in front of screens; its refreshing to just do something that doesn’t require internet access.

But just think for a moment, if you didn’t have a phone for one week or if you reduced the amount of time you went on it, what would happen? How would you feel? What good would come out of it? What bad would come out of it?

And when I say phone I mean smartphones like android devices, apple IOS phones, windows and any other similar device.


You will seek a distraction and find something else to do that will keep you from thinking about your phone and what you usually would be doing, such as messaging, texting, tweeting and all the other social media outlets.

It could be that these distractions actually help you discover something you have always wanted to do and start working on.

More Time

You will be surprised to see how much time you have when you stop constantly looking at your phone and being interrupted by messages from different social medias. You will be able to spend more time on the things that you have always wanted to do or start doing something that you usually don’t feel you have time for.

Specifically you will have more time to appreciate nature and the people around you, as when we are constantly connected, we can lose sense of how beautiful the world is.


When you realise how communication must have been so difficult back in the old days before technology, you begin to be grateful for the fact that you have access to the internet and different technology devices, specifically your phone – as without it you would not be able to make calls/send messages from wherever you are.

More Social

Now I’m not saying that just because you have a phone that you are not social because we are all social in one way or another, online and in the real world but what I come to realise is that I was more receptive and interested in people around me and wanted to explore different walks of life’s, rather than follow an online presence of a celebrity for example.

So if you want to see how you respond to being constantly connected, give it a go. This could mean simply leaving your phone in your bag when at work and only attending it at lunch to ONLY check SMS messages and phones calls – don’t even switch you WIFI or mobile data on. There are much more benefits to this act of withdrawal but I will leave that for another post.

2 thoughts on “4 Benefits of Spending Less Time on Your Phone

  • March 14, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Awesome article. I used to wonder how people were so glued to their phones until this year where I started my own business. I have never been so addicted and it is something I definitely want to cut back on especially before bed.

    • March 14, 2017 at 7:05 pm

      Thanks for the comment! and yes I don’t know how people can be so attached to their phones. I find I spend enough time in front of screens in general that limiting time on my phone is essential really. Good luck in cutting back 🙂

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