Why You Should Never Underestimate Yourself

Voices of Discourage

For most of my childhood and teenage years, I had constantly been put down in my abilities to do practically anything, even though I knew I could deep within, that I had value. I was quiet for sure but had a lot of passion and motivation that was being supressed and overtaken by the negative voices that surrounded me. The sad thing about the people that were underestimating me, is that it was family members in my case, which didn’t help confidence wise.

At first I let it sink in and turn me into someone who believed that it was the truth and that I would never even have any confidence to believe in my goals, let alone achieve them. I was basically destroyed of zero confidence. I let people tell me I was useless and I failure but I proved them wrong time and time again.

You Can Do It!

After a while, as grew older, developed hobbies, gained a mind of mine own, I thought fuck it, I’m doing what I love to do, and I am going to be successful in whatever the hell it is! Even when sharing dreams, people were negative and again underestimated my capabilities, when the fact was I knew myself better than anyone. Over time I increased my self-confidence and didn’t let the voices of others interfere with my dreams; the desire grew stronger to prove them wrong, more for myself than anything else.

The truth is most people don’t have your best intensions at heart when it comes to goals, or at least in my case. It was up to me to understand that people have opinions and will put you down, but you have to get back up fighting, because if you don’t you will never achieve your dreams. You matter more than the negative chatter.

Your Thoughts Have Value

Anything you ever think of in terms of ideas, write it down. Make it an alive and then work on It every day, progress towards something that you know will allow progressive success. Know that you can achieve anything you want, there are no limits, no fears, just pure realism and hard work – that’s what will truly trip you into long lasting success.

The Unknown is Self Development

Stepping into the unknown was also something that I feared for a long time but then I realised how fun it actually was to do something you have no idea about and after feel so inspired, happy and motivated – I now always take opportunities that can benefit of me and face my fears head on. It is now something that I feel so excited about, whenever that feeling of the unknown settles in, I don’t fear it, I step into it with an open and present mind, expecting little but knowing I will grow stronger and wiser.

Never Underestimate Yourself

Never underestimate yourself, never, because your words have value and your mind has potential to reach the higher grounds, no matter what. Be realistic and smart but know you will progress and succeed, with patience, in time. Allow yourself to get to know yourself, find out what you love and how you can create the person you want to be. Don’t let anyone tell you to stop doing something you enjoy or not do something you want to do – believe in yourself forever, and immense change will commence.