Practical Steps For Present Moment Awareness

These days everyone more or less knows of mediation or mindfulness exercises. There are many different ways you can be more present in your life and become the best version of yourself through it. Studies show the benefits of mindful mediation daily and how it affects the brain, lowering anxiety levels and providing clear thinking when carrying out tasks. Here I will share ways you can do this.

Mediation is not always easy to do, especially in the world we live in today where technology has practically taken over us. However if you are determined to change your life and become more present minded, you will see the pleasurable and enjoyable benefits attached to it.

Focus on One Thing

By focusing on one thing at a time, you awareness will remain on the task and enable you to stay present. When you focus your mind on one thing, whether it be a sound, image, words or anything else you are able to give all your attention to it and clear your mind.

Do Nothing

Sometimes doing nothing at all is really refreshing and enjoyable, but you have to practice doing nothing to find it enjoyable in time. For example, you could spend just 10 minutes simply sitting down on a chair or bed and just focusing on your breathing, rather than your thoughts, letting each one fade away as your attention briefly touches upon it.

Take a Walk

Walking is probably one of the best things to do, not only for building present moment awareness but also to increase focus, prevent muscular disease, gain exercise and much more. Walking does not require any special equipment and is pretty easy to do if you have two legs! Simply go for a 10 minute walk during your lunch hour or in the evening after your meal.

Show Gratitude

Being grateful of everything you have and have ever had is a very important aspect of developing and feeling amazing about life, as you attach positive emotions and thoughts to it, you are more likely to have a positive outlook on yourself and other people, whatever the situation. When you have a deeper understanding of the world and express gratitude you begin to truly see the beauty in life.


Simply listen to the sounds of your environment or when you are having a conversation with someone, or about to, give all your attention to what they are saying, giving eye contact and really engaging and understanding what the other people is saying. When you are unable to listen to someone fully, you lose track of what the other person is really trying to convey and I’m sure no one likes to be ignored.

When you are fully present and aware your perception is positively influenced, changing the way you feel and making you feel good. It can aid anxiety, stress and depression if practiced often.