5 Ways to Instantly Feel Better Upon Waking

If you are not much of morning person but want to wake up feeling more alert, positive and ready for the day, there is hope and many simple yet powerful actions you can implement into your lifestyle to commence change almost instantly.

Prolonged Stretching

Stretching is a great feeling and we probably do it unconsciously without really giving individual parts of our body more work. It is useful to stretch your whole body upon waking but then to wake it a step further and to take time stretching each arm, legs, hands and back. Do light stretches and see how flexible you feel; this will help your blood flow more freely and improve circulation. Try doing this every morning.

Cardio Exercise

For some people exercise is a no no, however you don’t need to do anything too extensive to gain some exercise. Exercising in generally improves health in many aspects, especially in the morning, given that it wakes you up and stimulates your brain to focus on the tasks you have on the day. Some simple walking, running or even some jumping jacks or knee ups OR running up and down some stairs. Whatever you feel is more in tune with your preferences but defiantly allow yourself more time in the morning and see the immense difference!

Bang Out Some Funky Tunes

I love starting my morning with the sound of funky music playing in my car, either from the 80s 90s or general club/dance type music. It  always seems to lighten up my mood and get me feeling good. Spending some time listening the some music before you head into work can defiantly brighten your mood (especially for those groggy Mondays!)

If you are into motivational music, I recommend this playlist:


Once you turn that playlist on, you won’t be the same!

Step Into The Sun

When the sun is out, you should always take the time to simply be present around it or to just enjoy it whilst drinking your morning beverage of choice. We all lack Vitamin D at some points in our life and spending time in the sun can change your mood and outlook to positively and a good sense of welling.

If the sun is out in the morning and you happen to be up early, open your curtains and get outside brisk walking or even sitting down doing some quiet reading.

Watch Something Funny

With some more time in the morning, it is worth heading onto YouTube and checking out videos that have made you laugh in the past or to search for ‘try not to laugh’ videos. I personally love TV bloopers and mistakes that get caught; they always seem to make me laugh. Also Bak Lau! From Omegle Pranks – defiantly gets me rolling.


THE MOST AWKWARD MOMENTS ON LIVE TV ! (FUNNY TV BLOOPERS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbW0m1jtpT4

Funny Tv Bloopers / Try To Not Laugh / Funny Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuXFBSVSOIM

Bak Lau Pranks


Mornings can be fun and you should defiantly make an effort to  implement at least one of these actions to your morning for more good feelings – it will only make your day and mood better!

2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Instantly Feel Better Upon Waking

  • March 28, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Super unique list, I definitely agree with getting out into the sun and listening to some funky tunes, especially when combined!

    I noticed you left out cold showers, definitely worth a try if you haven’t!

    • March 28, 2017 at 7:30 pm

      Thank you for your Comment Regan – appreciate it.
      Yeah funky tunes are the best. Yes cold showers are defiantly a great idea, although I must admit, I dont like the cold too much (I know, I’m a wimp) 😉

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