How To Get Sh*t Done & Stop Wasting Time

Make Lists

Lists really do come in handy when you need to mind dump and figure out what tasks you have to do, and more importantly, what really needs to get done. Start by creating a list with everything you need to get done either today or in the future, then narrow the list to one that only has three priority tasks on it – that way you can focus on what really needs to get done.

It is important to know that generally the tasks that are important are the ones we prefer to put off, so be mindful and realistic when you narrow lists and make lists in general, you don’t want to end up forming a list full of unimportant tasks above really important tasks – it will knock your productivity to the ground!

Focus Time

It is helpful to know when you are at your most productive during day. If you are more productive in the morning, then utilise your time and take advantage of your peak times.  This can help when completing tasks that need concentration; you can focus on them knowing you will be at your most productive.

I personally work better in the afternoon and I am able to work with much more concentration and focus. Discovering the times that work for you will ultimately save you time and accelerate your productivity to perform tasks that need more concentration.

Take Reward Breaks

It’s important that you allow yourself to have breaks that are short and refreshing. This could mean making a drink, walking or just chatting to a colleague. Its way is essential to do this, as it leaves you with time away from work, and a clear mind when you hit back at work.

Generally I take a break after 1 hour, but at times have extended to 2 hours, then a 10 minute break. Figure out what works best for you and ensure you don’t avoid breaks.

Remove Distractions

Distractions are everywhere and these days especially we can get so caught up in technology that we forget what we really need to do and what is important to us. I can’t bear looking at someone who is on their phone constantly, it really is something to break out of. Anyway, you will find it hard to withdraw from distractions initially but after a while you will see how much time you have and how your productivity has improved.