Powerful Benefits of Mugwort Herb

Mugwort is part of the Artemis family of herbs that are used broadly in western and eastern herbal traditions for different uses. The use of this herb dates back to the seventeenth century, were the woman of Cheyenne used  Mugwort to regulate their fertility. It was also used for cases were woman missed their menstruation.

A traditional use of Mugwort is that it is commonly used for enhancing dreams. Mugwort is actually used in sleep pillows that are sold to help people sleep and bring deeper dreams, even lucid. The herb has also been used as a ceremonial herb to produce sedative and calming effects, such as easing stress.

Mugwort is an herb that provides many benefits from restoring a woman’s natural monthly cycle, to inducting lucid dreams. The herb was also used in medieval times to enhance the flavour of beer and also a belief they had, which was that the herb could keep a user safe from evil possession. Mugwort was seen to eradicate fatigue, sunstroke, wild beasts and evil spirits generally.

Mugwort has been used to alleviate gas and bloating after meals as it is an digestive stimulant. It can be taken before eating a meal to aid with this.

Mugwort is used as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, diuretic, haemostatic and can promote healthy digestion. It can also help stressed and anxious people to relax and sooth anxiety. Furthermore Mugwort can relieve exhaustion, depression and nervousness.

Mugwort can boost blood circulation and make hair healthy. The enhanced flow of blood makes the hair follicles stronger and prevents hair loss in the long term. The  hair can also become glossy and silky.

Although Mugwort is not considered as a unsafe herb, It Is important to know that Mugwort should not be used if a woman is pregnant. Mugwort should not be taken everyday, over a long period of time. Large doses should also be avoided.