Why You Should Start Waking Up Early

Increased Energy Levels

Sleep inertia is a phenomenon that can make people feel very tired when waking especially when using an alarm clock and constantly snoozing it to the point where you force yourself to wake in an almost zombiefied state (not pleasant) and the rest of your day just seems dragged and slow.

When your body wakes you up early naturally and you have gone back to sleep, when you probably could wake up, you are pushing your energy levels back a ton and when you reawaken you will feel even more tired. Allowing ourselves to wake up naturally is what gives us pure energy. Waking up early and developing the habit can truly provide us with long lasting energy.

You Will Feel Like Eating Better

There have been studies that show that those who sleep at reasonable times and wake early are more likely to eat healthy foods and generally eat foods that provide them with nutrients and energy throughout the day. They also require less calories to maintain energy levels and don’t feel the need to eat junk food or have sudden sugar cravings.

When you eat better, you sleep better and generally feel better, so if waking up early can get your eating well (or vice versa!) you might as well start now and feel the benefits attached to it. Overall waking up early will give you time to prepare a healthy breakfast and you will feel more inclined to eat energy maintaining foods that improve overall health.

Proactive Behaviour

Being proactive is a state that is great to be in, it makes you feel productive and in a good mood. When we are actively doing things and making conscious decisions that lead us to make positive changes and keep up productive, we just feel much better about ourselves.

Waking up early and starting your day by doing little things will encourage you to make further and bigger decisions that you may usually not be able to make. You will be able to increase productivity and motivation to do various tasks throughout your day.

Better Mood

When it comes to most night owls they are generally more downcast than upbeat, compared to early risers who are up and ready to conquer the world! But seriously, there ability to make decisions is more faster and their hormones are functioning in a way that harmonising with the body to produce a positive mood that improves gradually throughout the day.

There are also reports that anxiety levels and depression in generally is reduced significantly and people are able to see changes having habitually waking up earlier than usual and allowing more time to do things they normally would not have time for.