6 Ways To Boost Your Brainpower Almost Instantly

We all from time to time experience a lack of brainpower that makes us feel like we are unable to do anything and keep our attention on a task. There are many different things you can do however to change this and increase your brainpower.

Eat A Healthy Snack

Eating a light snack can really lift help boost your brainpower, however you want to select a snack that is packed with nutrients, such as fruit snacks and healthy bars that contain fibre and other dried fruits and nuts. It will keep you going when you feel your brain is lagging a little and get you steaming steadily through your to do list.

Drink Water

When you are dehydrated your brain can work slower than usual and can also impair your focus, making it harder to concentrate on tasks. If you are sitting at your desk, grab a glass or bottle of water and refill every two hours or so and see how you feel. Water not only helps with your cognition but also, I find, relaxes you in a subtle way.

Focus on One Thing

Our brainpower can be heavily effected when we are doing multiple tasks at one time and not giving  our brain chance to really focus and process everything. Rather than working on so many things at once and getting distracted, narrow your focus to just one task to focus on and spend time on that one thing without getting distracted by something else. This does affect your ability to think clearer and come up with more ideas and insightful thoughts.

Take a Nap

Napping can and has been proven to help boost productivity and brain power. You are almost resetting yourself and when you wake you should feel more alert and more focused. It is recommended to nap from 20 to 30 minutes and set alarm to wake yourself up, as you probably want to avoid oversleeping in this case! I personally don’t nap very often but when I have, my body and mind wakes up feeling ready and alert.

Laugh A Little

Laughter has surprising benefits for us and although most of us probably do smile and laugh throughout our day, it is good to make an effort to get more laughs (as stupid as it may sound!) laughter can produce good feelings, thus improving your brain function to focus and think clearer. Spending time with friends and even watching a funny video can do you right!

Stretch Out

We can forget to stretch occasionally and that can restrict the flow of our ability to focus and work better with more brain power. If you are working on something and sitting down for a long time, it’s a good idea to get out and walk about, doing some basic stretches like arm stretches, legs and back. You can go even further and do some cardio exercise.