Make Your Morning Enjoyable & Your Day Productive

Being a morning person is a choice that can lead to many revelations and opportunities that you were unaware of. One of the great things about the morning is that it is fairly quiet as most people are still asleep, and if you live with people, this is a blessing. You have the opportunity to enjoy quietness and your own company for a while and you have more time.

Do Something Enjoyable

If the idea of waking up early to do something boring doesn’t faze you, then plan to do something enjoyable. It could be reading a chapter of a book you enjoy or watching an episode of a TV series you need to catch up on; either way, the day before, plan something to do and just the act of doing that will naturally allow your body to wake but set an alarm just in case!

Get Yourself Pumped

A great and effective method of feeling the essence of the morning is to wake up and get going doing anything other than staying in your bed or asleep for that matter. You could make yourself  a cup of coffee and do some DE cluttering or watch some motivational videos and articles. By doing these simple actions, your mind and body will wake up fully and make you feel ready for the rest of the day, with plenty of energy.

Drink Water

When you wake up, drink at least 1 glass of water or even 2. This will almost instantly wake you up and get you ready for the morning and the rest of your day. If you can make this into a morning habit and wake up at the around the same time to do so, your body will feel more inclined to wake up naturally. Also water has 0 calories, clears your skin, provides energy, improves circulation and concentration.

Just Sit

Mediation is quite popular these days and for me when I first heard about it, I thought it was a load of BS and quickly dismissed the idea of sitting still, doing nothing but focusing on your mind/body. The truth is numerous studies have shown that mediation calms the brainwaves in your brain and relaxed your nervous system, without any external factors. Just 10 minutes of mediating can be beneficial in the morning, especially if you wake up generally feeling mind cluttered and anxious/stressed.

Eat Something

People avoid breakfast and state they still have  energy but during the day they probably will get more hungry and eat junk. By eating something in the morning, especially when you make the time, can be really helpful  for your energy levels throughout the day. If you are not used to eating in the morning, start small by eating fruit or a piece of toast with some tea or coffee. Either way, allow yourself to build the habit of a breakfast. After a while, you will notice the difference in how you feel.

Plan Tasks

Its easy to avoid what  you need to do for the day but if you wake up early and sit down with yourself to plan what tasks you need to do or have been putting off, it allows you to plan out when to do the tasks realistically and to stay on track. I know how unorganised I feel when I haven’t planned for a day that I have time to do things and have basically wasted the whole day re watching Twin Peaks;  not good.